Unenforceable Credit Agreements

Unenforceable Credit Card Agreements

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Unenforceable Credit Agreements

Unenforceable Credit Card Agreements

Unenforceable Credit Contracts

Unenforceable Credit Card Contracts









Unenforceable Credit Agreements

Unenforceable Credit Agreements Before April 6 2007

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Welcome to the Unenforceable Credit Agreements web site.

STOP PRESS: If you wish to start a debt management plan such as an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) we can help you today. An IVA can write off the majority of your total unsecured debt, leaving you free to pay off a monthly amount until you are debt free, usually after five years. But from Day One of your debt management plan your creditors and debt collectors should no longer be allowed to contact you (though it should be pointed out that this cannot be guaranteed by anyone or any law).

Please note that we are no longer providing unenforceable credit agreement services (UCA) because of the recent test case rulings in the courts: we are sorry to disappoint people with this, but we feel that it would be unfair to hold out people's hopes in a sector of the law which may be unsafe.

For this reason we are no longer processing any UCA applications.

But if you want to start a debt management plan today then follow the link below or complete the application form.

If you have at least two accounts in debt, and total debts of £2,000 or more, you can apply for a debt management programme or IVA which can write off the majority of your total unsecured debt: apply here.

(If you owe less than this, or are on state benefits, then use this link to apply instead.)

We respect your privacy and will not pass your details on to third parties without your consent.









The Old Unenforceable Credit Card Agreements Rules (these are assumed to no longer apply)

Establishing that your account is an unenforceable credit agreement means that the debt cannot be collected; it will not make the debt disappear, only your requirement to pay it. It will probably remain on your credit file for 6 years, unless the debt itself is proven to be in error or a factual mistake. You should avoid companies who tell you that they will make the debt disappear, because that is not what happens! The only thing that is removed is your obligation to pay the debt, because by definition unenforceable credit agreements cannot be enforced by law.

The debt does not disappear. Don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you that it does. You just don't have to pay it, that's all. And think of what a difference that would make to your household budget every month!

To write off credit card debt may mean one of two things, in colloquial terms. It may mean taking out an IVA and writing off up the bulk of your total unsecured debt. Or it may mean taking steps to find out if the debt is unenforceable.



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Please be aware that figures entered need to be accurate by law, and to give the best service to you. It is extremely important that you budget for all necessary expenditure including rent or mortgage, council tax and utility bills, etc., and any other necessary outgoings related to the upkeep of your household and inrelation to any specific circumstances that may relate to you. This website only collects data on behalf of debt management professionals, from which it will receive affiliate remuneration for data collection only and does not itself engage in any debt management services. Other debt management options are available and may be more suitable. People entering into an IVA or debt management will have this entered on their credit profile and this may affect their ability to get credit in the short term or even in the long term in some cases. It is free to apply from this website; you will be given advice by debt management professionals and a 'cooling off' period, by law, to decide whether or not the debt management plan is suitable for you, and you should be aware that a fee will be chargeable upon a successful arrangement, as with any commercial transaction. Failure to meet the repayments on an IVA or any debt management programme may result in serious consequences, including, but not limited to, bankruptcy. Bankruptcies, CCJs and similar defaults will be entered into a public register and will remain there for a statutory period of not less than six (6) years.

Unenforceable Credit Card Agreements.


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